MADOG arrived in flocks this year in Austin for MotoGP. The club was well represented during the events.

Once arriving at the the Double Tree in Austin, where the DOC stayed,  there was a display of some amazing bikes that welcomed us in the lobby. We even were handed RedBull at check in. The DOC had a party at the hotel as well.  

The Ducati Island is always a blast. With hundreds of Ducs in the infield it was almost overwhelming. I had parking assignment on two days and it was a blast talking to non-Ducati owners about the island. It's a huge showroom for the heritage and the new models. Its a true brotherhood of Ducatisti.

Some of us attended the Handbuilt show in downtown Austin as well. Some of the top builders bring bikes together for one great show. This year even featured a small, I mean small, dirt track for some racing. If you ever travel to Austin on GP weekend make sure to check the Handbuilt show out.