Photo from Jim Koenig on his Cannonball Ride

Hi everyone!  Here’s the September meeting update for anyone who couldn’t make it:


Let us know of any new rides you been on, bikes you’ve purchased, or any other updates worth sharing with the group.  Currently following Jim Koenig on  his insane ride across the country with many ancient bikes.

Vice President:

Should I shave my head? Comment on Facebook to let me know!  Also, he is the one responsible for the remaining t-shirts you may have purchased.  Reach out to Jason to arrange picking those up.


By next meeting we will be able to lay out the financial plan.   We’re working on opening a checking account for the club.  In 2017: NO DUES!  Events will be covered by existing funds, sponsorships, and pay as you come.  The annual t-shirt will still continue, but expect to pay for the quantity you want.  If you want 5, awesome!  If you want 0, I feel sorry for you, but I accept you as a person.  Also, to support the ongoing work on the club bylaws, a new Articles of Resolution will be included.


Email logo submissions to  Logo vote will come up as the official club logo submission to Ducati, that way everyone’s current and happy!  Bylaws are still being reviewed, pending further financial and legal clarifications.  We’ll go through another round of reviews prior to a member vote.

Miscellaneous Member Updates:

On September 20th, Richard and Mary Crosetti will be riding to K&M BBQ in Spring Hill, KS.  If you want to follow along or meet there, great!  Check the events page for updates.

On October 1st, we’ll have another ride for lunch.  Check the events page for updates.

General note- we will post a disclaimer here to release liability on all group rides.  No one wants you to ride dangerously or get hurt, take care of yourself!

Shiny side up!

– Secretary Dakota